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In This Section, You Will Know About The Schools History...

The History of GSCS

The Good Shepherd Cathedral School, formerly known as Good Shepherd Parish Academy or GSPA, began as a preschool in 1995. Founded by the ertswhile pastor of the Good Shepherd Parish, Msgr. Fidelis Ruben F. Limcaco, it was simply known then as Good Shepherd Parish Learning Center. This school for children was part of the many beautiful projects that Msgr. Fidelis had undertaken in his 27 years of service to the parishioners of Fairview. With the help of Dr. Carina G. Dacanay as School Principal, the school has grown and developed complete services of preschool and grade school. In August 1, 2002, upon the retirement of Msgr. Fidelis, Msgr. Jesus-Romulo C. Rañada, the former Rector of San Carlos Seminary, took over the directorship of the school. It was during his time that the school expanded further and established a high school and a Center for Integral Evangelization (CIE). It was also during Msgr. Romy's term that the GSCS Main Building was built. In 2003, after the Good Shepherd Parish was elevated to the status of a cathedral of the newly established Diocese of Novaliches, the school was renamed as Good Shepherd Cathedral School. On May 13, 2007, the Most Reverend Antonio R. Tobias, D.D., Bishop of the Diocese of Novaliches, appointed Rev. Fr. Albert N. Delvo as the new School Director of GSCS, in concurrent capacity as Superintendent of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Novaliches Educational System (RCBN-ES). Fr. Albert's coming signified the direction of Bishop Tobias towards unification of all the RCBN-ES schools under one directorship. With the bishop's and the school’s Board of Trustees' splendid inspiration, the curia’s solid support, and Dr. Dacanay’s exuberant and effective cooperation, Fr. Albert made possible the construction of a new four-story building named as the HEART Building (His Excellency Antonio R. Tobias Building) with big classrooms, air-conditioned library, air-conditioned speech lab with state-of-the-art equipments, air-conditioned faculty room, and an ECE Learning Center. In 2010, GSCS marked another milestone in its history when it celebrated its 15th founding anniversary with activities such as Parents & Teachers Got Talent Too and Mr. and Ms. GSCS 2010. The year-long celebration culminated with the school's production of the musical The Dreamer (an adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) which showcased the superb talents of GSCS students. The musical received generally positive reactions from those who watched it, including Bishop Tobias himself.

Good Shepherd Cathedral School:
"Where Catholic Formation
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